Terms Of Service

These Terms of Service govern your use of the website located at https://goosnarghremovalsltd.com and any related services provided by Goosnargh Removals Ltd.

By accessing https://goosnarghremovalsltd.com, you agree to abide by these Terms of Service and to comply with all applicable laws and regulations. If you do not agree with these Terms of Service, you are prohibited from using or accessing this website or using any other services provided by Goosnargh Removals Ltd.

We, Goosnargh Removals Ltd, reserve the right to review and amend any of these Terms of Service at our sole discretion. Upon doing so, we will update this page. Any changes to these Terms of Service will take effect immediately from the date of publication.

These Terms of Service were last updated on 12 July2023.


It is your sole responsibility to declare the value of the goods being removed or stored and to obtain all necessary documents, permits, permissions, and licenses to complete the removal. You should be present during the collection and delivery of the removal, ensure no items are left behind or taken in error, and provide us with a contact address for correspondence during the removal, transit, and storage of goods.

In addition to these responsibilities, it is important that you ensure the readiness and stability of all appliances and electronic equipment prior to their removal. Similarly, the duty of emptying, defrosting, and cleaning refrigerators and deep freezers lies with you. Goosnargh Removals Ltd will not take responsibility for the contents of these appliances.

For other domestic and garden appliances like washing machines, dishwashers, hose pipes, petrol lawnmowers, and others, it is crucial that they are clean, dry, and void of any residual fluid. If you have chosen to self-pack, all packing should be completed by the commencement of the move. In instances where this is not the case, and it results in unforeseen time or work, additional charges may apply.

You are also required to provide us with accurate information regarding the parking conditions for loading and unloading at both your current and new premises. Elements such as restricted parking zones, one-way systems, fragile manhole covers, overhanging trees, and narrow roads must be communicated. Unless Goosnargh Removals Ltd has demonstrated negligence or breach of contract, we cannot be held liable for loss or damage, costs, or additional charges resulting from the failure to meet these responsibilities.

Our responsibility, as Goosnargh Removals Ltd, is to deliver your goods to you, or produce them for your collection, undamaged. This extends to situations where we have undertaken to pack the goods or otherwise make them ready for transportation or storage. We will compensate you if we fail to discharge these responsibilities, subject to the hereby Terms of Service.


Full payment should be cleared in advance unless agreed otherwise. A 50% deposit is required to secure your booking. The remaining 50% needs to be paid 5 working days before your booking date. If you opt for storage services, the charges are due every four weeks, paid via direct debit.

The charges for our services commence from the moment we arrive at your location, ensuring that you only pay for the time spent on the job. For our Man and Van service, we offer an hourly rate, starting at £50. We also provide individualised fixed quotes, the details of which are stipulated on our pricing page. Payments are expected to be made promptly upon service completion.

Should there be any changes to your removal, delivery or clearance needs, we kindly request that you inform us as soon as possible. For cancellations, please note that charges may apply if not communicated within a reasonable timeframe prior to the scheduled service.

Changes to the Booking

If you wish to postpone, alter, or cancel an already booked service, charges will be applicable based on the notice given. For instance, if you give more than 15 working days’ notice before the service date, no charges will be applicable, whereas if the notice period is between 6 and 8 working days, 50% charges will apply. We do not guarantee the availability of your new preferred date, and we hold no liability if we cannot accommodate your new date.

Quotation Provisions

Our quotation does not include customs duties and inspections or any other fees or taxes payable to government bodies. It does, however, include accepting liability for your goods, subject to several conditions. These conditions include possible changes in the price or additional charges if certain unforeseen circumstances apply. Such circumstances include delays in the completion of the work, additional services provided at your request, and if our resources are stretched beyond the original agreement.

Additionally, we would like to inform you that our quotations could be subject to adjustments due to currency fluctuations, amendments in taxation, or changes in freight, fuel, ferry, or toll charges that are beyond our control. Please note that additional costs may be incurred if the actual conditions of the removal differ from what was initially declared. For instance, if we have to collect or deliver goods from/to a floor higher than initially indicated, or if a lift, we were told would be available, is not operational.

Delays or unforeseen events that are beyond our reasonable control, which increase the resources or time required to complete the agreed work, may also lead to an adjustment of the initial quotation.

In situations where we have to bear parking or other fees or charges (including fines where you have not arranged for the suspension of parking restrictions) in order to execute the services on your behalf, you agree to cover these additional costs. As a customer of Goosnargh Removals Ltd, you consent to pay any reasonable charges arising from the aforementioned circumstances.

Work Exclusions

The work outlined in our quotation does not include the dismantling or assembling of unit or system furniture, appliances, or equipment. We do not disconnect, reconnect, dismantle or reassemble fixtures or fittings, and will not move items from a loft unless it is properly lit, floored, and safe access is provided. Our staff are not authorized or qualified to carry out such work.

Forwarding Address and Contact Details

When utilizing our storage services, it is imperative that you provide us with an accurate and current address along with your contact number. All communications and notifications sent by us will be considered as received by you seven days after posting it via first-class mail to your last updated address in our records.

In case of any changes to your address or phone number, please notify us promptly. If we are unable to establish contact due to outdated information or lack of response, we reserve the right to publish relevant notices in a public newspaper corresponding to the area where the goods were moved to or from. The notice will be considered as received by you seven days after the newspaper’s publication date. Please note that any costs incurred while attempting to establish your whereabouts will be charged to you.

For your stored goods, we also require the details of a next of kin. In circumstances where you may not be able to assume ownership of your goods, such as due to medical reasons or death, these contact details will allow us to coordinate the storage matters and offer access to your goods.

Limitations of Liability

Our website and the materials on our website are provided on an ‘as is’ basis. To the extent permitted by law, Goosnargh Removals Ltd makes no warranties, expressed or implied, to the extent permitted by law. This includes the disclaiming and negating of all other warranties, without limitation, implied warranties or conditions of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, non-infringement of intellectual property, or other violation of rights.

Our liability, or that of our suppliers, for any consequential loss arising from the use or inability to use this website or the materials on this website, even when we or an authorised representative has been notified of such a possibility, is disclaimed. The term “consequential loss” includes any consequential loss, indirect loss, anticipated or real loss of profit, loss of benefit, loss of revenue, loss of business, loss of goodwill, loss of opportunity, loss of savings, loss of reputation, loss of use and/or loss or corruption of data, under the statute, contract, equity, tort (including negligence), indemnity or otherwise.

Please note that this disclaimer may not be applicable in jurisdictions that do not permit limitations on implied warranties or limitations of liability for consequential or incidental damages.

All our services come with insurance coverage to provide assurance that your belongings are safe during transit and covered for any damages. By entering into this agreement, you confirm that the goods to be removed or stored are your property, or that you have the authority to enter this contract on behalf of the owner or any interested parties.

Our liability to you in the event of loss or damage to your goods is influenced by certain conditions, such as whether you provide a declaration of the value of your goods and the nature of the lost or damaged item. Our liability for damage to premises or property other than the goods for removal is limited. We shall not bear liability if damage occurs due to moving goods against our advice at your express instruction. If we cause damage to your premises or property other than goods submitted for removal or storage, it should be noted on the worksheet or delivery receipt as soon as practically possible.

Please note that we will not be held responsible for any loss of, damage to, or failure to produce the goods, other than arising from our negligence or breach of contract. This is particularly the case if the loss or damage arises from circumstances beyond our control, such as war, terrorism, natural disasters, industrial action, radiological contamination, cyber-attacks, or other similar events. We also will not be liable for indirect losses or losses resulting from wear and tear, infestation, climatic conditions, cleaning, repairing (unless arranged by us), or any goods packed or unpacked by you. Some items, including but not limited to fragile items, electrical or mechanical devices, and motor vehicles, have specific considerations for liability, primarily related to packing conditions or pre-existing issues.

For goods that Goosnargh Removals Ltd delivers, you must inform us in writing of any visible loss, damage, or failure to produce any goods at the time of delivery. This also applies if you or your agent collects the goods. We will not be liable for delays in transit other than those resulting from our negligence or breach of contract. If we are unable to deliver your goods through no fault of our own, we will store them, fulfilling the agreement, and any additional services, including storage and delivery, will be at your expense.

Exclusions of Liability

Our liability excludes loss or damage resulting from fire or explosion unless caused by our negligence. We also do not cover any loss or damage to specific items including bonds, manuscripts, mobile phones, perishable items, particle board furniture, etc. unless caused by our negligence. Liability is also excluded for loss or damage caused by certain uncontrollable circumstances unless there’s visible external damage caused by our negligence.

Damage to Premises or Other Property

In case we cause damage to premises or property other than the goods intended for removal due to negligence or contract breach, our liability is limited to rectifying the damaged area. We bear no liability if damage is caused due to moving goods against our advice. Any such damage must be noted at the time of occurrence or discovered within a reasonable time.

Subcontracting and Route Selection

Goosnargh Removals Ltd reserves the right to subcontract some or all of the work, and in such cases, these Terms of Service will continue to apply. We also have the right to choose the method and route by which to carry out the work, and unless specifically agreed otherwise, other space on our vehicles may be used for other customers. We promise to provide up-to-date information to assist you with the import/export of your goods, however, it is your responsibility to seek appropriate advice to verify the accuracy of the information provided.

International Transactions

For goods to be moved outside the UK, we only acceptliability if you provide us with a detailed valuation of your goods. We do not accept liability for loss or damage to goods confiscated or damaged by Customs Authorities or Government Agencies unless we have been negligent. Furthermore, we do not accept liability for loss or damage occurring in specific overseas countries, unless we have been negligent.

Forwarding Address, Inventory and Storage Charges

If you send goods to be stored, you must provide an address for correspondence and notify us if it changes. If a list of your goods or a receipt is produced and sent to you, it will be considered accurate unless you notify us of any discrepancies within ten days or a mutually agreed period. Our storage charges are reviewed periodically and you will be given a three-month notice of any increases.

Ownership of Goods

Entering this agreement implies that the goods to be moved or stored are either owned by you or that you possess the authority from the owners to form this contract. If someone is interested in the goods during this agreement, you need to provide their details to us. If the ownership needs to be transferred to a third party, you must notify us in writing, providing their full details. This agreement will remain valid with you until the third party signs a new one.

Prohibited Goods

Certain items must not be submitted for removal or storage unless previously agreed in writing. These items include but are not limited to, prohibited or stolen goods, drugs, potentially dangerous items, jewellery, watches, precious stones or metals, plants, perishable items, animals, and goods which require special license or government permission for export or import.

Claim Period Limitations

If you or an authorised representative collect the goods, we must be notified immediately about any loss or damage when the goods are handed over. Failing to do so will release us from any liability. We will not be liable for any loss of or damage to the goods unless a claim is notified to us, or to our agent or the company carrying out the collection or delivery of the goods on our behalf, in writing as soon as such loss or damage is discovered or reasonably should have been discovered. This must occur within seven (7) days of delivery of the goods by us.

For goods which we deliver, you must advise us in writing of any loss and damage within seven days of delivery by us. We may agree to extend this time limit upon receipt of your written request provided such request is received within seven (7) days of delivery. Our consent to such a request will not be unreasonably withheld.

Inventory or Receipt of Goods

If we create an inventory list or receipt for your goods and send it to you, it will be deemed accurate unless you write back to us within ten days of our dispatch date, or within a mutually agreed reasonable period, notifying us of any discrepancies or oversights. Please note that the inventory does not need to list the contents of individual containers, boxes, bundles, packages, or suitcases. Please note that we periodically reassess our storage fees. You will be informed in advance should there be any adjustments.

Dispute Resolution

Goosnargh Removals Ltd maintains the right to withhold or dispose of some or all of your goods until you have paid all charges and other payments due under this or any other agreement. In the case of any dispute arising from this agreement, subject to a mutual agreement, the dispute may be referred to an arbitrator appointed by us.

Our Rights to Sell or Dispose of Goods

If your account with Goosnargh Removals Ltd is in arrears regarding our service charges, we reserve the right, after providing you with a three-month notice, to demand the removal of your goods from our custody and the payment of all due amounts. If you fail to settle all outstanding dues, we may opt to sell or dispose of some or all of your goods without further notice. The cost of the sale or disposal will be your responsibility. The net proceeds from the sale will be credited to your account, and any surplus will be remitted to you without interest. If the full amount due remains unpaid, we may proceed to recover the balance from you.

Right to Terminate

We may suspend or terminate your right to use our website and terminate these Terms of Service immediately upon written notice to you for any breach.In case of overdue payment, we have the right to require you to remove your goods from our custody after giving you a three-month notice. If you fail to pay all outstanding amounts due to us, we may sell or dispose of some or all of the goods without further notice. If payments are up to date, we will not end this contract without a three-month notice in writing. If you wish to terminate your storage contract, you must give us at least ten working days’ notice.

Storage Accessibility and Charges

Please be aware that access to containerised storage is limited. Should there be a need for urgent access to your stored items, a handling fee per container will be charged. Additional delivery fees will be applicable if we are required to deliver the contents to you. A minimum notice period is required to access storage containers. Short-notice requests for access or delivery, provided we have availability, will incur additional late-notice charges on top of the handling fee.

Storage re-delivery dates are based on our availability. Should you choose to collect the goods from storage personally, a fee per container will be charged to facilitate and oversee the collection. Our liability will cease once the goods have been handed over.

Governing Law

Any disagreement or dispute between us will be subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England or Scotland. The laws governing such disputes will also be those of England or Scotland. If you are currently living in or moving to a place outside the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom, different laws or jurisdictions may apply, contingent upon our prior written agreement before the commencement of the services or work.